Hair Loss Solution For Women

Beautiful hair is the most beautiful piece of jewelry you can wear. At Clinique Capillaire Lavallée, we offer ready to wear Wig and Volumizer for women who experience thinning hair, partial or full hair loss.  


Synthetic Or Human hair ready-to-wear wig are available in a wide range selection of models, styles and colors.  The fit are also adjustable, You will surely find the one that suits you!

They are the ideal solution for women who have undergone chemotherapy treatments or in cases of severe baldness.

The wig we offer are very easy to maintain. Our team are also able to re-styling and make cup adjustment to allow you to obtain maximum comfort

Synthetic Wig

$395 – $595


Human Hair Wig Starting



Integration System

The Integration System is the solution for women who wish to restore a youthful appearance. The Integration System is a hair replacement system made of mesh and natural hair, entirely handcrafted. It is secure and undetectable, specifically designed and custom made to match your existing hair from its length, color to the texture. this system will be indistinguishable from rest of your own hair.  

The Integration System can be worn permanently, only be removed at service time every 3-4 weeks. You will sleep, shower, doing sports with it, it truly become part of your own hair. It also can be removed daily at bed time and re-attached at each morning. 

Integration System Starting


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