About Clinic Capillaire Lavallée

Founded by Carol Bessette, with 45 years experience serving men and women suffer from hair loss in Montreal area, Clinique Capillaire Lavallée is the benchmark for fitting hair replacement systems. We offer full services, include bonding, waving, coloring, styling and reconditing of hair replacement system and wig.  


Your safety is our top priority

Our spacious waiting room allows you to maintain social distancing while keeping maximum distance from any other potential clients.

Each of our private styling cabin is equipped with a Negative Pressure System*, replacing the cabin air with continuous fresh air – which is perfect while dealing with solvents, hair dyes and adhesive and bonding agents in such close quarters.

Our unique and individual ventilation system means a relaxing, refreshing and headache free visit, in a cabin with continuous fresh air – each and every visit!

*Our cabin’s Negative Pressure System is a ventilation system that operates separately from our general building air circulation. Fresh air is continuously released into the cabin, while the ‘old’ air is extracted from the room, not going back to circulation. Both processes aid in the elimination of any potential undesired effects of breathing around/inhaling bonding agents, adhesives, solvents, hair dyes and chemical hair treatments.


Our private, enclosed styling cabins, giving you optimum privacy and discretion, while your stylist undertakes what can often be an extremely vulnerable, and emotional situation