About Clinic Capillaire Lavallée

Founded by Carol Bessette, with 45 years experience serving men and women suffer from hair loss in Montreal area, Clinique Capillaire Lavallée is the benchmark for fitting hair replacement systems. We offer full services, include bonding, waving, coloring, styling and reconditing of hair replacement system and wig.  


Your safety is our top priority

Our spacious waiting room allow clients to keep maximum distance. 

Considering close contact with stylist, solvent and bonding agent in a closed private cabin, each private styling cabin is equipped with a Negative Pressure system, separate from building circulation.  Fresh air is being shoot into each cabin and at the same time cabin air is exhausted to exterior directly, Not going back into the building circulation system. So each cabin are always full of fresh and clean air.   


Our private styling cabins offer private and discreet services.